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Product Feed Export for Magento 2 is now available.
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Product Feed Export

Product Feed Export functionality for Magento, integrated into the Magento Backend, including an export manager and a highly flexible output creation technique. Export your products in any file/feed format and connect your store to ERPs, stock systems, marketplaces, shopping engines, price comparison sites and more.

Includes 70 free connectors for Google Shopping, Google Product Ratings, Amazon Product Ads, Bing Product Ads, Bizrate, Rakuten, AdCell, AlleSchuhe, AllYouNeed, Adform, Adtarget.me, Become, Belboon, Beslist, Billiger.de, BOL, Ciao, Commission Junction, Choozen, Criteo, Dawanda, DooYoo, Facebook, Fruugo, Geizhals, GetPrice, Gimme, Guenstiger.de, Idealo, Junglee, Kelkoo, Kieskeurig, LadenZeile, LeGuide, Monetate, MyShopping.com.au, Nextag, Partner-Ads, Pikengo, Polyvore, Preisroboter, PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, PriceSpy, Prisguide, Prisjakt, Pronto, Singlefeed, ShareASale, ShopAlike, ShopCost, Shopping24, Schottenland, ShopMania, Shopwahl, Shopprice, Shopzilla, SoLebIch, Skinflint, Stylight, SuperClix, TheFind, TopPreise, TradeTracker, Tradedoubler, TrovaPrezzi, Twenga, Webgains, Yandex Market and Yatego. (View all included integrations)

Need a specific product feed not listed here? Contact us before your purchase - we will be able to set it up at no extra cost usually.

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After placing your order simply send us your SFTP/admin logins and we'll install the extension for you in one Magento installation. Does not include configuration.

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Magento 1 Community
Compatible with -
Magento 1 Enterprise
Compatible with -
Magento 2 Community
Compatible with 2.0.0 - 2.2.3
Magento 2 Enterprise
Compatible with 2.0.0 - 2.2.3


  • Seamlessly integrated into the Magento backend
  • Very fast and convenient way to export your products/categories to create data feeds
  • Comes with 70 free product feeds / connectors for popular marketplaces / shopping engines.
  • Almost any output format (Text, Tabbed, CSV, XML, JSON, SQL, Fixed-Length-Files) can be created, almost any system can be connected, and all the data saved in Magento related to products (including custom product attributes), categories and more can be exported
  • NewAbility to export product reviews in any text-based file format
  • Supports all product types (simple, configurable, grouped, bundle, downloadable, custom types)
  • Flexible filters for each profile can be set up, for example "Export only products from category X" or "Export only products where price is greater than Y".
  • Supports an unlimited amount of export profiles. Export as many different export formats with different settings as required.
  • Export to an unlimited amount of different local/remote destinations. Supports local directories, FTP, FTPS, SFTPv3, HTTP Servers, E-Mail Recipients, Webservices/APIs
  • Ability to export directly from the Catalog > Product grid
  • Ability to automatically export after a product/category has been created or modified
  • Ability to automatically export at predefined times using an unlimited amount of different cron jobs, all configurable from the Magento backend
  • Works with all recent Magento versions (see compatibility chart)
  • Code not encrypted and freely customizable, instant download after your purchase
  • Magento 2: Easy installation & updates via the XTENTO Magento 2 composer repository
  • Available for Magento 1 and Magento 2

This is by far the most flexible product export solution available for Magento, on the market for years and since then improved and kept compatible with all recent Magento versions.

Please have a look at our demo installation and the documentation to get a feeling for what's possible with this extension. If you have any questions regarding the extension, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Order Export - Tracking Number Import - Stock Import

Looking to export and exchange more data with third party systems? This module is compatible with our order export, tracking number import and stock import extensions - it's a perfect match if you want to connect your store to third party systems.

Available for Magento2

This extension is available for Magento 2! Please select the appropriate Magento version in the "Add to Cart" popup when purchasing the extension.

More Details

Exporting products, product reviews and categories from Magento has never been easier and more flexible. The concept of an unlimited number of export profiles combined with an unlimited number of associated export destinations allows to realize almost any export requirements. Create product feeds and data feeds easily.

What's possible with this extension?
- Exporting all your products into a specific directory with a specific filename for a shopping engine?
- Exporting one file for each modified product automatically to a FTP server?
- Sending an email with all your products weekly to your supplier? Or sending an email with all products from supplier X only?
- Exporting your product reviews into a CSV/XML file for websites like Google, etc.
...Not a problem at all. Much more is possible.

XSL Template
The so called XSL Template is the part of the extension that creates the output format (the actual file which is being generated, TXT, XML, CSV, Fixed-Length Format...) required by the software you want to connect Magento to. XSL basically translates the internal database format into your required output format. XSL is easy to understand and has been documented in our wiki extensively, including many sample templates. You can either create the XSL Template yourself or have us create it for you at our XSL Template Creation Service.

If you are not sure whether this extension will be able to connect to your shopping engine/software, please send us an email including information about the import format that is required by the system you want to connect Magento to using this extension.

If you need a feature not listed here or if you have any questions regarding this extension, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Important: Please make sure that your Magento webserver comes with support for the XSL PHP extension. To see if your server supports XSL, please download (save as a .php file) and run this file on your server or have a look at the phpinfo() output on your server to see if XSL support has been enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions & Support
More information about this extension and answers for frequently asked questions can be found in our Support Wiki.

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  • Best feed extension you can b..

    Dozens of feeds included out of the box. Backed by great support, this is a no-brainer.

  • Perfect, setup in hardly any..

    The extension works 100%. Install was simple and easy. Took a bit of reading to setup the XSL, but totally expected and the help was accurate regards to this.

    Harry Hall
  • Very nice extension

    Flexible and developer friendly extension with good support.

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