Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program, refer customers and earn up to 25% on every sale!

Affiliate Program You're an agency? A reseller? A publisher? Or someone who just likes to spread the word about great extensions and make some money? Join our affiliate program and earn a commission by simply sending customers our way.

How it works: The process is really easy.
1) Join our affiliate program (see bottom of page)
2) Simply place your affiliate links (which can be generated in our affiliate control panel) on your website, your blog, social media, forum posts, emails, etc.
3) If a customer purchases something in our store using your affiliate link, this will be tracked and you will earn a commission for this.

Your benefits
- Generate passive income by sending customers our way. We will do the rest for you.
- Earn money by simply placing a link to our website or recommending one of our products using a link.
- Premium products, low refund / cancellation rate.
- We will provide support for customers. No obligations for the affiliate.
- Payouts via PayPal, or as store credit for our store with 10% bonus on top.

Commission rates are tiered. You will earn the following commission, based on sales referred:

Total amount of sales* 0-1999 Euro 2000-4999 Euro 5000-9999 Euro > 10000 Euro
Commission % 10% 15% 20% 25%
* Sales during last 6 months

You are allowed to place your personal affiliate links on your website, your blog, forum posts, recommend our products in emails, etc. You are free to use our logo and product names. Do not spam.

Terms & Conditions
Please make sure to read the Affiliate Terms & Conditions. At a glance: Minimum payout 200 Euro, payouts quarterly via PayPal (or immediately as store credit for our store with 10% bonus on top), holding period after purchase 30 days, no revenue commitment.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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