New Mass Order Actions added to the Sales > Orders Grid

The following new mass order actions can be added to the Sales > Orders grid:

  • Invoice Order: An invoice will be created for each order selected
  • Ship Order: A shipment will be created for each order selected
  • Complete Order: Order status will be set to "Complete" for each order selected
  • Capture Payment: Payment gets captured for invoiced orders. If supported by the payment gateway, "Capture Online" is supported as well.
  • Invoice / Ship Order: Combination of "Invoice" and "Ship" action - both actions get executed
  • Invoice / Ship / Complete Order: Combination of "Invoice", "Ship" and "Complete" action - all three actions get executed, and the order status gets set to "Complete"
  • Print Order: After running one of the above action on orders, instantly print the related PDF documents.
  • Delete Order: Delete ANY order using this extension. Associated invoices/shipments/credit memos will be deleted as well. Great way to delete your test orders!
  • Set Order Status: Change the order status to ANY custom order status defined in Magento (supports 3rd party custom order status extensions)
  • Re-send "New Order" e-mail to customer
  • Uncancel order (and items): Revert the order status from "Canceled" to "Processing" and uncancel the items so the order can be invoiced/shipped.
  • ...as well as combinations of the above actions, such as "Invoice / Ship / Print".

It is also possible to add tracking numbers to shipments when shipping orders in bulk. For orders that have already been shipped, a tracking link to track the order will be shown instead.

You don't have to show all the actions in the drop-down of course - it is possible to disable specific actions in the configuration section of the module, so you can focus on the actions you really need.

All actions can be set notify your customer (by e-mail (notify option) / no e-mail (don't notify option)) so that your customer knows that their order has been shipped for example, but this can also be done silently without notifying the customer.

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Simplify Bulk Order Processing: Order Manager
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Magento Version
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Additional Services

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Simplify Bulk Order Processing: Order Manager
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Simplify Bulk Order Processing: Order Manager
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