Connect your Magento store to fulfillment centers & warehouses

Available for:
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Managing orders by hand and sending them to warehouses and fulfillment centers manually is an exhausting task. No matter if you're already operating a Magento store or if you're launching a new Magento store: Integrating your Magento store with your warehouse will save you hours every day. And it has never been easier using the import/export extensions by XTENTO.

Connect Magento to any warehouse/fulfillment center that offers automated import/export facilities via FTP(S), SFTP, HTTP, APIs (SOAP/REST), E-Mail, etc. using our import/export extensions. Supported data exchange formats includes text-based formats such as CSV, XML, Tabbed, TXT, ASCII, EDI, Fixed-Length-Formats, SOAP-XML, etc.

Why choose XTENTO for your warehouse integration?

Warehouse / Fulfillment Integration - Extensions

Easily set up a completely automated connection between your Magento store and one or more warehouses/fulfillment centers using the following extensions:

Don't want to deal with the integration yourself?

We offer a broad range of services. Our support staff will be happy to provide a quote for your custom integration.