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Enhanced Order Grid

Customizing your sales grids has never been easier! Easily add new columns (more than 40 fields available - including payment method, shipping method, items ordered, tracking numbers and many more), hide unnecessary columns and change column positions in the Sales > Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos grids using the Enhanced Order Grid extension by XTENTO.

This extension allows you to customize all sales grids (Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos) on a per-role base. You can set up different grid layouts for each administrator role and thus provide a different order view for your warehouse employees for example. Add any columns required, including billing/shipping/payment information, items purchased, and many more. Removing, renaming and re-positioning columns in grids is possible, too.

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After placing your order simply send us your SFTP/admin logins and we'll install the extension for you in one Magento installation. Does not include configuration.

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Magento 1 Community
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Magento 1 Enterprise
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  • Add more than 40 new columns/fields to all sales grids. This includes fields such as the payment/shipping method and many more. See below for all fields.
  • Hide columns in sales grids - easily remove any column not required
  • Show purchased items (+ Custom Options, Thumbnails) directly in the Sales > Order grid
  • Rename new and existing columns
  • All new columns support filtering - find orders by SKU directly in the grid
  • Change the position of columns in grids
  • Customizable grids: Sales > Orders, Sales > Invoices, Sales > Shipments, Sales > Credit Memos
  • Set up different grid configurations/views for different admin roles
  • NewFilter and hide certain order statuses for specific admin roles
  • NewFilter and hide store views for specific admin roles
  • No conflicts with 3rd party extensions
  • Simple installation - upload and use!
  • Code not encrypted and freely customizable, instant download after your purchase
Tired of processing orders manually? Process orders in batches!

Check out our Simplify Bulk Order Processing extension if you want to process orders directly from the Sales > Orders grid in batches. No need to open orders individually anymore - simply invoice/ship/email/change the order status directly from the grid.

More Details

The following fields can be added to the Sales > Orders grid:
- Billing address: Name, Company, Street, Postcode, Region, Country, Telephone, ...
- Billing information: Payment Method, Customer Group, E-Mail, TAX/VAT Number, Customer ID, ...
- Shipping address: Name, Company, Street, Postcode, Region, Country, Telephone, ...
- Shipping information: Shipping Method, Shipping Cost, ...
- Order #, Invoice #, Shipment # and Credit Memo # as filterable columns
- Order information: Coupon Code, Subtotal, Tax Amount, Discount Amount, Order Weight
- Item information: A column containing all items purchased (including custom options and thumbnails) can be added to the grid.
- Tracking information: Show tracking numbers/carriers for created shipments (not searchable)
- NEW: Show data from third party extensions on the Sales > Orders grid: eBay User ID + E-Mail (M2ePro), Order Source (M2ePro), Amazon Order # + E-Mail + Buyer Name (M2ePro), OneStepCheckout Customer Comment, GoMage Checkout Comment, AITOC Delivery Date, AITOC Delivery Comment, and many more.

Columns added to the grids will also be exported using the standard/built-in export functionality of Magento. However, this extension does NOT customize the Magento-default export format. If you are looking for custom CSV/XML/Excel exports, check our Order Export Module instead.

Sample Custom Order Grid Configuration - Screenshot (click to zoom):
This is a sample grid configuration. You can see custom columns were added, some columns were removed and columns were reordered.

Columns for other grid types vary. Want to add custom fields (from third party extensions) to the sales grids? Please contact us!

If you have any questions regarding this module, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions & Support
More information about this extension and answers for frequently asked questions can be found in our Support Wiki.

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  • Very useful

    With this extension we can see the products in the order and we can do it without having to open the order. Saves a lot of time! Installation without problems and everything works as expected.

    Manuel Antonio
  • Recommended

    Very good extension.

  • Excellent

    Perfect extension to assist with the daily operations. Does what it says and should become an essential extension for Magento. What sets this apart is the easy installation and well thought our configuration all backed up fantastic support....

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Last Release: April 06, 2018

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