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  • Engineer

    Works great! Saves time! Jiri helped me great to setup the extension without a hitch!

    Joseph (Posted on Dec 7, 2017)
  • So good

    I can't believe we lived without this extension for so long! Thanks guys.

    Justin (Posted on Oct 3, 2017)
  • This module will save us a lot of time from here on. Closing orders (invoicing, shipping, emailing) was always a very time consuming process, especially during peak times. Now its down to select, close, done.
    We needed a little tweaking to get it to work according to our particular way of working but the developers answered our e-mails quickly and provided enough details so that we could build a work around.
    The code was clear and easy to understand.

    martijn819 (Posted on Jul 7, 2016)
  • No issues with installation. Integrates well with other 3rd party extensions : Moogento PickPack, Blue Jalapeno order export, Balticode DPD, E-abi Omniva etc. Developer has valuable XTENTO Wiki guide which resolves all issues that arise with other Magento extensions. Didn't even need to call for support :) Magento Community ver.

    chrisrad (Posted on Dec 5, 2015)
  • Ein Klick und alle benötigten Dokumente wie Rechnungen und Lieferschein sind zum Druck erzeugt. Ebenso hat der Kunde per Mail die Rechnung erhalten und ist über den Status versendet informiert. Dies spart sehr viel Zeit bei der Auftragsbearbeitung ein.
    Zusätzlich habe ich ein Dokument beauftragt, was Rechnungen für den Zoll erzeugt wenn die Lieferungen außerhalb der EU sind. Dies wurde vom Hersteller schnell, freundlich und korrekt ausgeführt.
    Gern wieder.

    robert_jung (Posted on Aug 11, 2015)
  • This extension works great and does the job as expected on Magento 1.9. Super easy to install and setup.

    mkrajeev (Posted on Jul 14, 2015)
  • Ahorra tiempo al poder modificar varios pedidos de una sola vez. Se acabó tener que modificar el numero de tracking de uno en uno o pasar de En Preparación a Enviado en un solo clic.

    marcellamp (Posted on Jun 2, 2015)
  • Saves time

    This extension saves a lot of time in orders administration.

    John (Posted on May 21, 2015)
  • The perfect extension to get all the actions for orders, that Magento Inc. did't believed you needed.
    With it, you can handle orders in bulk in a easy way.
    Using this in all the Magento store I set up. Can not simply live without it.

    Brake6 (Posted on Apr 17, 2015)
  • The Simplify Bulk Order Processing extension installed with no problems and works exactly as described.
    We now have lots of additional features to perform tasks which saves the end user lots of time each day.

    RobShaw (Posted on Mar 12, 2015)
  • This extension will shave valuable time off our busy holiday shipping season.

    crabjack (Posted on Nov 7, 2014)
  • Awesome

    This extension saved me hours of work, excellent.

    Stef (Posted on Aug 28, 2014)
  • Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for a great product.

    adminrbllc (Posted on Jul 2, 2014)
  • Brilliant plugin support

    This plugin saves our order processing guys around 1 hour per day. Not only this but there was a feature for sending order confirmation email we needed added, this was added for free within 2 hours and ready for me to install! BRILLIANT!

    Adam (Posted on May 12, 2014)
  • Ainda não tivemos oportunidade de analisar a fundo, pois a loja ainda não foi lançada, mas a principio cumpriu o prometido.

    lojabrazil (Posted on Apr 3, 2014)
  • We used this in conjunction with Custom Carrier Trackers (also by XTENTO) for one client, and since then it's become part of our standard offering now. We honestly feel it's something every store should have. Easy to set up, easy to use, and very useful.
    In addition, I love the fact that it's so easy to generate additional license keys for development servers.

    dougmc (Posted on Mar 13, 2014)
  • Installation was a breeze even for a technical idiot by following the instructions.
    Previously, I've to process each order individually and it takes forever on a good sales day. Now, it's a breeze! Simply check the orders to process, apply action et viola!, done in a couple of minutes. It's also a flexible module which enables you to choose the actions you need on a daily basis, thus eliminating junk actions. What is also helpful is the tracking number that appears on the main order panel, which enables you to quickly track specific orders.
    For me, DHL Intraship doesn't work with the bulk ship option but the developer offers the service to configure the extension for me to make it work. Wonderful!
    Developer support is excellent too. Prompt response and from guys who know their stuff. Highly recommended extension. Money well spent!

    dusucre (Posted on Feb 27, 2014)
  • This is the best extension I have had so far. It saved me at least 4 hours in the first day I installed it. At first, I had to click on each individual order, click the Invoice button, submit the invoice, go to invoices, click on the invoice click the print button, open the PDF file and print it.
    6 clicks got reduced and now I can invoice ship and print orders in bulk with just one or two clicks.
    The technical support is great - fast and willing to do little extra for customer satisfaction.
    If you have Magento, this is a MUST. No doubt about it.

    Rimmon (Posted on Jan 24, 2014)
  • The extension works as it should; support is fast and good.

    madpuppy (Posted on Jan 8, 2014)
  • Sebastian deals with anything you need very quickly and efficiently. I have bought 4 extensions now and don't know what i would do without them. Everything works as it says on the tin

    furnished (Posted on Dec 11, 2013)
  • Another quality product from Xtento

    I've had this extension for quite a while but never bothered to report a small obscure bug. When I got around to it, Sebastian persevered to find the problem and overall the support was excellent. It now works perfectly and saves a lot of time dispatching orders. I always feel confident that with an Xtento extension you will get a quality product and service that will perform in the way its supposed to.

    Andrew (Posted on Dec 7, 2013)
  • This extension works great! Very simple to configure and use.

    WeProvide (Posted on Dec 3, 2013)
  • The simplified bulk order proccesing module is just great!
    Everything works like a charm we had to do some custom edits to the extension to make it fit with our custom shipping label extension. But we din't knew how to implent the shipping extension within the grid extension.
    After contacting xtento one of their great developers (Sebastian) contacted us within an hour and fully explained us how to implent the function within the order grid extension. Within a couple of minutes we succesfully intergrated our shipping extension within the order grid module and now it works like a charm!
    If you ever buy a module buy it from XTENTO! they are simply the best with eveything and they even give a actual description why you need to change something and why it won't work if you won't.
    We would like to say thanks again to Sebastian for his great support!

    larsjoew (Posted on Oct 14, 2013)
  • if you are looking for an extension that will simply your business flow and easy to use in the same time i would highly recommend this software as we are using magento 1.7.2 with multiple domain and multiple store fronts where we had to do many things manually. this extension really helped us a lot to save time.
    and i should also mention the aftersales support was 5 star as i had great help from developers when installing it. because the aftersale was great i will use the companies other softwares too.
    thank yo uguys. keep up the good work

    ytokgoz (Posted on Oct 3, 2013)
  • Upload extension and works immediately.
    Now I can always change your order from the list of all orders.
    Even if Magento would not, it can be enforced optional (example: complete to pending).
    There are many more functions that can be useful.

    Manuelde77 (Posted on Oct 2, 2013)
  • This extension has really simplified my life as I am only needing to be in orders to process all functions need to complete sales :)!!!
    Best extension bought to this date!

    sntachit (Posted on Sep 16, 2013)
  • This should be a default extension of magento! regrettably its not! i can't live without it. only thing i would love to see in future: some custom new status.

    nicmare (Posted on Sep 9, 2013)
  • Excellent support, added required feature within a couple of hours. Thanks Sebastian.

    alex_ican (Posted on Sep 6, 2013)
  • The extension has helped our team save alot of time & effort in processing orders in bulk in magento. A real value added to our operations and we are very happy with it.

    simplywholesale (Posted on Jul 22, 2013)
  • Great extension, which saves me a lot of time. Now I donu2019t have to edit each order one by one but can handle many orders with just a couple of clicks.

    Todorovski (Posted on May 22, 2013)
  • Perfect

    It was the one and unique solution for our sales administration process. I've purchased 2 license in total. There was some problems but fantastic support team helped me.

    Koray (Posted on Mar 8, 2013)
  • Sebastian nails it again!

    This works perfect! I need to cleanup 2,000+ orders with a status of Processing left over from long ago - this was the fastest, cleanest, and safest way to do it. Looking forward to using going forward as we change our order process to be Magento-driven.

    John (Posted on Mar 1, 2013)
  • Great / Bon module

    Un super module. Gain de productivité accru. Utilisable avec Mondial Relay pour le mode "Expédier" afin d’expédier les colis par lot.

    A great module. Increased productivity. We use it with Mondial Relay Mode "Send" to send a lot parcels.

    Yohann (Posted on Feb 12, 2013)
  • Super Product!

    Works wonderfully! Takes care of all the customer notifications and makes putting in Tracking Numbers a breeze! Can't wait for more extensions from this developer - they are extremely well thought out and well written!

    rangerover (Posted on Jan 26, 2013)
  • Save many time for deal with orders, very helpful, recommend and many thanks!

    okeshopping2012 (Posted on Dec 29, 2012)
  • Excellent

    Having bought two other extensions from Xtento, I had no hesitation buying this as I know what quality I can expect. It works perfectly and installs without issue.

    Xtento is our first choice of Magento extensions.

    Mark (Posted on Dec 10, 2012)
  • one of the best..

    I really like this extension. It just does what it should and there seems to be good clean code behind.
    I can also say this company is really supporting there extensions . Fast reply on email and a friendly tone. If you need help or change the extension they are there to help.
    /Johan - http://www.kabelbutiken.com

    Johan (Posted on Nov 22, 2012)
  • Quite simply, you cannot operate a medium sized online store without this module. And why it isn't integrated into Magento as standard is beyond me. Our company would not function half as efficiently without this extension and it should be the top of the list of modules that you choose to install on your Magento store.
    Support is also second to none. I really cannot fault this company or the extensions they produce.

    tinselworm (Posted on Nov 21, 2012)
  • Extension was easy to install and configure. Support is simply impressive, very attentive and fast. Will definitely keep in mind for other project or magento plugin needs.
    Thanks Sebastian!

    intermade (Posted on Sep 20, 2012)
  • This extension is very useful. Easy to install and if necessary the assistance is fast and very kind. Thank you!

    laboratorio35 (Posted on Sep 18, 2012)
  • Perfect

    The plugin saves us a lot of time and it works perfectly!
    I wanted to make an adjustment so the customer would get only the shipment mail instead of 2 emails (invoice and shipment) and the support helped me very fast and good!

    Wouter (Posted on Aug 16, 2012)
  • The plugin saves us a lot of time and it works perfectly!
    I wanted to make an adjustment so the customer would get only the shipment mail instead of 2 emails (invoice and shipment) and the support helped me very fast and good!

    wouter87 (Posted on Aug 16, 2012)
  • I just wanted to say I am very impressed with the quality and service you provide. I have been in the process of upgrading all of our third-party modules for a couple of weeks now and, I have to say, yours has been the best experience. You are pleasant and quick to respond, the upgrade was easy to put in place, and, most importantly, the upgrade actually improved functionality and features. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    nogoodchoices (Posted on Aug 14, 2012)
  • Awesome extension! Saves sooooooooooo much time and works really well right out of the box with my other extensions!

    jsiu (Posted on Jul 10, 2012)
  • Great extension. Really helps make order processing in magento easy.
    Try it.

    doug_dmc (Posted on Jan 19, 2012)
  • Highly recommended extension! We purchased it to process invoicing and shipping for many orders. Everything works fine and there are even more beneficial options, e.g. override the native Magento state/status sequence.
    Installation worked flawless. We had a small problem, because the extension did not recognize the custom statuses created with the Amesty Order Status extension, but Sebastion from XTENTO solved the problem in no time!
    In summary: Great extension, great support!

    Sox_n_Boxers_S (Posted on Jan 9, 2012)
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Sebastian is absolutely incredible. His support is the best I've ever had and the extension works just as it's described. This is without question one of the best developers on Magento. If you are hesitant, don't be... you will be 100% satisfied with any of the XTENTO extensions.

    cbsykes (Posted on Nov 22, 2011)
  • We purchased this extension and it installed easily and was up and working right away. We then contacted Sebastian about adding some functionality which he did at a reasonable price. When we hit some bumps in the debug, Sebastian was great about working with our team to resolve the issues.
    Great extension and customer service.

    larkin (Posted on Nov 8, 2011)
  • This tool replaces one human being and its costs. You can process, invoice and ship lots of orders in seconds. This is by far, the best Magento extension. If you have any doubts, delete them all. It also has a friendly support.

    Anonymous (Posted on Oct 26, 2011)
  • Sebastian kindly fixed a problem with another module that caused my bulk order processing form to fail. For the price, the amount of time saved and the excellent support provided this module is a Magento must have.
    Buy this module now

    handcoded (Posted on Sep 1, 2011)
  • Fantastic!

    Great extension, it works perfectly, and was very easy to install. I had a problem creating invoices in my magento installation, so I installed this in the hope that with this it would work. And it did! Thank you!

    Maartje (Posted on Aug 26, 2011)
  • This is by far the best add-on I've purchased for Magento and worth every penny. If you're doing over 10 orders per day and like me, having to go through 3 screens just to mark each order as shipped and set the status to 'complete', then buy this software.
    It successfully installed in seconds (Magento ver., cleared the cache as per the readme file instructions and bam! Ready to go.
    Simply filtered the orders list by 'processing', selected all, ship (notify customer), then marked all as 'complete' all in about 10 seconds. Would have taken almost 3 minutes to process 10 orders previously!
    Very happy customer.
    Thanks, that is all.

    christof66 (Posted on Aug 14, 2011)
  • Sebastian was very pleasant to deal with amp; offered help while I was having a little trouble installing the module. The problems of course ended up being my fault, the module works great!

    nogoodchoices (Posted on Apr 11, 2011)
  • Sebastian was very pleasant to deal with & offered help while I was having a little trouble installing the module. The problems of course ended up being my fault, the module works great!

    nogoodchoices (Posted on Apr 11, 2011)
  • Easy customisation

    The Module works great, and was a breeze to install. Was also easy to add a couple extra Actions (ship / complete) into the menu - spot on! Working fine with Mage

    Davey (Posted on Apr 10, 2011)
  • Can only recommend it

    Great Extension and works beautifully - and Sebastian from xtento is there to help you. The price is fair for this type of extension.

    Tom1980 (Posted on Nov 10, 2010)
  • Works like a charm
    Sebastian helped me quickly to solve extension conflict with another module.

    gaebarre (Posted on Nov 4, 2010)
  • Works like a charm
    Sebastian helped me quickly to solve extension conflict with another module.

    gaebarre (Posted on Nov 4, 2010)
  • Works Great

    Great extension, very fair price for this time saver!

    DeeDee (Posted on Jun 12, 2010)
  • Works Perfectly

    This extension works perfectly. What a time saver! Also, no problems with Magento 1.4!

    Nick (Posted on May 7, 2010)