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Many of our customers have expressed their opinion about us, our extensions and our services. A selection of unedited reviews and feedback can be found below. Even more reviews can be found on the respective product pages and on Magento Connect, the official Magento extension marketplace.
Reviews on Magento Connect
Even more reviews of our extensions can be found on Magento Connect, the official Magento extension marketplace. Be sure to check them out as well!

The best support by any magento extension company


We recently purchased the order export module, and we have a pretty tough requirement to customize the order export process, and to schedule exports/emails, etc., Their customer support staff was amazing in sorting out all our queries, which in fact, wasn't part of their tech scope at all. They went out of their way to...

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Robust Features, Excellent Support

Eric Landmann

We use this extension to export selected fields to feed back into our clients' ERP system. It works great, has the features that made it very easy to work with. The XSL template wasn't too tricky to master. The one time we needed support it was very quick and the staff was interested in getting a resolution to the problem....

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Plug and play worth the time savings

Tasteful Menus

The price of this is well worth the opportunity cost of having to code it. The setup was easy. I needed to do custom uuids which is not supported, but it only took me an hour or so to extend the application to do so (Thanks for not encrypting your code!!!) Personally can't believe Magento allows sequential order...

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Great Extension!


We purchased this extension to facilitate the integration with our ERP system. The installation, configuration, and usage was very straightforward and saved us countless hours. Thank you very much!!

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Awesome extension!

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Good features and so much more


Great extension allows client to extract sales order data for integration into various ERP and CRM systems!!! Definitely shave off a couple of years doing this manually.

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Handy extension


This extension is useful and saves us a lot of time. A must have for custom carrier trackers. Thanks.

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Fantastic, stable module


We've been running this extension in our live environment for over a month now and it's been fantastic. The module just works and is incredibly easy to setup. We've made some customisations to fit our workflow which were very simple due to how cleanly laid out the code is. Highly recommended and will certainly be a repeat...

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Excellent extension and support


We are using this extension in M1 and M2 sites and it works really well adding an additional layer of security for our clients. The installation and setup is really simple and we had only minor issues with server time zone sync to get it to work (not the extension's fault!). Also the support has always been excellent. Any...

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Well developed extensions, robust, flexible and we...


This is a much overdue review of the Sales Order Export and Order Tracking import. I'm very happy with the extensions that I've purchased from xtento and love their flexibility and robustness. We use Magento much differently than most in a B2B environment and the extensions have been able to handle any bizarre use case...

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