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Many of our customers have expressed their opinion about us, our extensions and our services. A selection of unedited reviews and feedback can be found below. Even more reviews can be found on the respective product pages and on Magento Connect, the official Magento extension marketplace.
Reviews on Magento Connect
Even more reviews of our extensions can be found on Magento Connect, the official Magento extension marketplace. Be sure to check them out as well!

Just buy it


I cannot believe I waited to buy this. This has made my job much easier in not having to deal with the poor reporting system included with Magento. Setting up the profiles may be moderate to advanced depending on how comfortable you are with languages like XSL/XML but there are enough examples out there for you to somewhat...

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Great little extension


Great little extension to my import of tracking numbers. I can now click on 'tracking' in Magento admin orders and shipping instead of logging into Royal Mail system. Very handy when a customer is on the phone. Also, the customer gets an email with the tracking number linked to the Royal Mail website. It was very, very...

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Simple and Efficient


I already used the export module to export my addresses to Royal Mail RMDMO. I have been using it for over two years every day and never had an issue with it. I found that Xtento has another module to import the tracking numbers back from RMDMO. It took about 10 minutes for me to install and configure it and one then...

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Brilliant plugin support


This plugin saves our order processing guys around 1 hour per day. Not only this but there was a feature for sending order confirmation email we needed added, this was added for free within 2 hours and ready for me to install! BRILLIANT!

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A must have for every store


Order numbers in Magento are simply a pain out of the box: Too long and too complex to remember. Changing the number format was a breeze using this extension. We highly recommend XTENTO.

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Fantastic product!


Great extension, it works perfectly and was very easy to install.

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Excellent, I have no other words


The extension delivers what it promises, it works really fast and it's definitely worth the small investment. I had a question while installing, their support helped me to install and all that in record time. This application is already making my life easier. Recommended 100x100. Thanks!

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Simple but perfect plus great support


We only can recommend the XTENTO team in general and this module in particular. Thank you for offering such a great service! Best regards from Germany

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Saved me so much time!


Sebastian gave me some of the best customer support I could have asked for! I got the extended support and customization so that Xtento could make sure my extension was perfectly installed and worked well with my specific needs. They completely set up the back-end for me and stayed up late to ensure everything was in...

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Another quality product from Xtento


I've had this extension for quite a while but never bothered to report a small obscure bug. When I got around to it, Sebastian persevered to find the problem and overall the support was excellent. It now works perfectly and saves a lot of time dispatching orders. I always feel confident that with an Xtento extension you...

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