XTENTO is a Magento Technology Partner
Our integrations are available for Magento 1 and Magento 2

All integrations were redesigned from scratch and are more stable than ever before.
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Magento Integration Suite


Magento 1 Community
Compatible with -
Magento 1 Enterprise
Compatible with -
Magento 2 Community
Compatible with 2.0.0 - 2.0.7
Magento 2 Enterprise
Compatible with 2.0.0 - 2.0.7

Connecting Magento to third party systems has never been easier.

Using the Magento Integration Suite™ by XTENTO, connecting Magento to third party systems has never been easier. With over 500 satisfied customers and more than 25 third party systems compatible, we're ready to power your third party integration as well.

Looking for a specific/custom integration not listed here? Please contact us - we can also help with custom Magento integrations. The Magento Integration Suite can be customized to support any text-based format such as CSV, XML, Tabbed, TXT, ASCII, Fixed-Length-Formats, SOAP-XML (API), communication via local directories/(S)FTP servers/APIs/webservices/HTTP servers/email recipients and much more. We are also able to supply Magento dropshipping integrations, custom warehouse / fulfillment center integrations as well as POS / ERP integrations.

    Magento Integration Suite - Available Integrations

    Even more integrations

We've connected Magento to even more third party systems - we just couldn't list them all!

We can also help with the following integrations - just get in touch if you're interested:

Magento - 3PL Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - AEB ERP Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - AMS Fulfillment Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Asperion ERP Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - DocData Fulfilment Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Danea Easyfatt Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - DL Prime Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Everest Integration (Export)
Magento - Exact Globe / ES Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - HC Direct Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Landmark Global Integration (Export)
Magento - Lynx Integration (Export)
Magento - Mamut ERP Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Moulton Fulfillment Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Morin Logistic Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - MyHermes Integration (Export)
Magento - Oracle A2000 Integration (Order Export, Tracking Import, Stock Import)
Magento - Ordermotion OMX Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Pacful Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Parcel.nl ParcelPakket (LogicParcel) Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Prolog Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Profitmaker Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - RICS Integration (Export, Import)
Magento - Regio Transport Integration (Export)
Magento - SDA Integration (Export)
Magento - Softwear Integration (Export)
Magento - Skill COMMERCIAL Faktura ERP Integration (Export)
Magento - Smiffys Integration (Order Export, Tracking Import, Stock Level Import)
Magento - SnelStart Integration (Invoice Export / Credit Memo Export)
Magento - Toolbank EDI Integration (Export)
Magento - United Fulfillment Solutions UFSI Integration (Export)
Magento - XTend City-Link UK Integration (Export)
Magento - Quickbooks Integration (Export)